Lifelong Fan Passing On Tradition To Children

Brian Jacobs claims he has been a Redskins fan from birth, but he was “locked in for life” when former wide receiver Charley Taylor paid him visits as a seven year old.

“My stepfather had a boat in Dumphries, Va., a few docks down from Charley Taylor and he used to come to my house in Woodbridge,” Jacobs wrote to The Redskins Blog.

Jacobs, who has been going to games his whole life, used to be a season ticket holder but lost his job and home after experiencing some health issues. He still catches every game on television and still tries to make it to FedExField a few times each season.

“My relationship with sports is, I would die without Redskins football,” he wrote. “They are my life when I die I want to be buried with a Redskin jersey on.”

Since the mid-1990s, Jacobs has been channeling his love into a Redskins tribute room and has bought thousands of dollars worth of items. But, since he moved a few years back, he’s had to start from scratch, selling some of his memorabilia to take care of his kids in a new home in Hagerstown, Md.

As fate would have it, many years later Jacobs’ son would get to experience what his father had.

👍 HTTR !

— Brian (@skinsgo46) March 4, 2015

In 2011, one of Jacobs’ all-time favorite players, another wide receiver, Gary Clark, came to his home, through a friend, in Fredericksburg, Va., to spend a Saturday afternoon with his son and the rest of his family.

“I will always be thankful and my family and I will never forget him and his kindness,” wrote Jacobs, who also noted he appeared on television with Clark during a playoff game special in 2012. “And he is still a friend on [Facebook].”

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