How the NLF is handling their TikTok Nudes Scandal

We all know the fallout that Brett Farve’s infamous dick pic leak caused in 2016, but now the NFL is grabbling with a bigger, and more widespread, TikTok nudes scandal. And with adult versions of the popular TikTok app hitting the market from adult industry leaders.

The popular social media has grabbed a hold of the news media when Trump threatened to ban that app, and has since been at the top of the app charts. While most of the app features short videos for entertainment, it hasn’t stopped overzealous app-users from using the platform for more nefarious purposes, including sending nudes.

While what happens in a locker room, stays in the locker room, the NFL allegedly has put out a statement to players indicating a no-tolerance policy for scandals and leaks related to social media platforms, including TikTok.

We will keep this post updated as officials offer more data.

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