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Here’s Why College Football Players Should Get Paid

The world of college football is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2014, the NCAA generated $6 billion in revenue from college football games. That’s more than twice as much as any other sport on American campuses. And yet, unlike all those who work behind the scenes to make this money possible–the coaches, trainers and staff–college players don’t get paid a dime for their efforts.

It’s time for that to change. It’s time for these athletes who are making millions of dollars worth of profit each year for their schools to be treated with some respect and dignity by getting paid what they deserve: at least minimum wage.

The demand isn’t particularly new or revolutionary; it was first introduced in 1951 when former Notre Dame football player Creighton Miller sued for compensation. Ever since, the idea of compensating players has only gained momentum with groups like the National College Players Association lobbying for change. And yet despite popular support–and at least one prominent example of a university president even suggesting they didn’t need to be paid–the NCAA still hasn’t budged.

The idea that college athletes are excluded from the money-making side of college sports is flawed in and of itself. For example, at Duke University, one team alone–football–generated $72 million in revenue for the school during 2013-14. And according to Business Insider , top football teams generate between $15 million and $20 million in revenue per year. That’s a whole lot of money to be leaving on the table and turning a blind eye to.

The truth is, college athletics wouldn’t exist without these young men and women. And yet unlike everyone else who works for the school–from professors down to janitors–players get nothing out of their efforts besides an education (which is already a benefit many of these athletes could not afford to pay for on their own).

This isn’t fair, and it’s time for the NCAA to recognize that. College football players are employees of the school, and they should be paid at least minimum wage for the work they do. Anything less is an injustice.

One of the biggest arguments against paying college football players is that they are “student-athletes” and not professionals. However, the fact is that these players generate a lot of revenue for their schools, and they do the same job as other players in the NFL.

There is no reason why these players should not be compensated for their hard work. They are essential to the success of college athletics, and they deserve to be treated fairly. It’s time for the NCAA to pay college football players what they are owed.

Guide To Getting Started With Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a game where you ‘manage’ a team of players from the NFL and score points based on how well they do each week. Sounds simple enough but the intricacies of the game take a lot of time and practice to master.

In order to fully understand what is going on, you must first decide how you want to play. There are many different variants that can be played but the two main types are ‘redraft’ and ‘dynasty’.


Redraft leagues consist of a set number of teams that all draft players at the start of the season. Once a player has been drafted, they cannot be played by any other team in the league. This type of league is usually played over a set number of weeks (usually around 13) and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.


Dynasty leagues are where things can get complicated. The set up is the same as a redraft league but players can be kept from one year to another. Trading of players also becomes a very real possibility. The idea is that you build your team over time and try to win as many championships as possible before your core group of players gets too old.

Both types have their merits, redraft leagues are great if you don’t have a lot of time to play or want something more casual where dynasty leagues are for those who are looking to simulate the NFL as closely as possible.

How To Start Playing

To start playing, join an existing league or create your own. Once all slots have been filled, decide on a draft date and time which is generally done through a online chat room or a dedicated website. The draft order is decided by a random draw and each team then takes it in turns to pick a player.

Be very careful not to let personal biases get in the way of making good picks. Tom Brady may be your favorite player but if he’s available in the 7th round, it’s better to wait until you can get someone else who is likely to do as well or better right now.

When your draft is over, you will have a set of players that need to be managed through the season. Each week you should look at their stats and decide which ones you want to start on a given day, this is where things can get complicated as you have to balance out your team’s strengths and weaknesses with those of the opposition.

If you have multiple players from the same team, remember that they will only earn points if they play a full game so don’t start them both unless necessary. You also need to make sure you keep a close eye on match-ups. If a team has an easy week, benching their players may be better for your score.

Remember that every point counts when you’re in a tight spot so don’t sell low on a player who is going through a rough patch of form or an injury. They could easily come back with a big score the following week and win you the match.

Use the resources available to you, including websites, magazines and television shows to stay ahead of the competition. Fantasy football is a year-round activity and there is always something new to learn in order to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Good luck!

How the Washington Redskins Became Known as the Washington Football Team

The Washington Redskins began as the Boston Braves, a team in the NFL’s inaugural season of 1933. In 1937, Boston businessman George Preston Marshall purchased the team and moved it to his hometown where it was renamed the Redskins. The idea for changing from Braves to Redskins came from Marshall who saw a street sign for “Redskins Avenue” while driving around Washington D.C.

Marshall was adamant about keeping the Redskins name and logo, which is why the team has retained its controversial moniker for all these years. The Redskins logo features an American Indian headdress with a spear protruding from it. This has been a source of contention for many years, with some people arguing that the logo is racist and should be changed.

While there is no denying that the name is offensive to some people, it is also part of the team’s history and tradition. Marshall himself defended the Redskins name, stating that it was a term of respect for American Indians.

Despite the protests, the Redskins name and logo remained unchanged for years, until they changed to their current name, Washington Football Team. Despite the name change, many people continue to refer to the team as the Redskins, and they are still widely known by that name. The Washington Football Team is now the official name of the team, but the Redskins name and logo are still used by many people.

So why did the Washington Redskins change their name to the Washington Football Team? There is no one definitive answer, but it is likely that Marshall changed the team’s name in an attempt to avoid any potential controversy and to make it more palatable to the general public.

The Redskins name and logo are still controversial, but the Washington Football Team name is not. Whether or not this was a wise decision remains to be seen, but it is clear that the Redskins name will continue to be a source of debate for many years to come.

Thanks for reading! I hope this article provided some interesting insights into the history of the Washington Redskins.

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The BeNaughty hookup experience is pretty similar to other apps. You can browse the profiles of people who are nearby, and you can send them a message through the app if you are interested in making a match. You can send a message to people you like or you can send a message to people who like you. The profile and message feature is a great way to get to know people before you hookup. When it comes to meeting people for a casual hookup, we recommend checking out the profile page before you try to contact them through the app. If you don’t know people who match with you, you can use the “find people” section to find matches nearby.

How many football fans are using this app?

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What makes this app stand out?

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Lifelong Fan Passing On Tradition To Children

Brian Jacobs claims he has been a Redskins fan from birth, but he was “locked in for life” when former wide receiver Charley Taylor paid him visits as a seven year old.

“My stepfather had a boat in Dumphries, Va., a few docks down from Charley Taylor and he used to come to my house in Woodbridge,” Jacobs wrote to The Redskins Blog.

Jacobs, who has been going to games his whole life, used to be a season ticket holder but lost his job and home after experiencing some health issues. He still catches every game on television and still tries to make it to FedExField a few times each season.

“My relationship with sports is, I would die without Redskins football,” he wrote. “They are my life when I die I want to be buried with a Redskin jersey on.”

Since the mid-1990s, Jacobs has been channeling his love into a Redskins tribute room and has bought thousands of dollars worth of items. But, since he moved a few years back, he’s had to start from scratch, selling some of his memorabilia to take care of his kids in a new home in Hagerstown, Md.

As fate would have it, many years later Jacobs’ son would get to experience what his father had.

👍 HTTR !

— Brian (@skinsgo46) March 4, 2015

In 2011, one of Jacobs’ all-time favorite players, another wide receiver, Gary Clark, came to his home, through a friend, in Fredericksburg, Va., to spend a Saturday afternoon with his son and the rest of his family.

“I will always be thankful and my family and I will never forget him and his kindness,” wrote Jacobs, who also noted he appeared on television with Clark during a playoff game special in 2012. “And he is still a friend on [Facebook].”

Best Of ‘Redskins Late Night’: Chris Baker’s Endless Nicknames

Swaggy.  Big Swaggy. Big Bake. Big Daddy.

Those are just four of the many, many nicknames that are attached to Washington Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker.

How exactly can one guy get so many different names?

Some were self-appointed, and some were given.

“My good friend down John Walker down in Baltimore, he gave me the name ‘Swaggy’ when we were playing a video game, and I came to the locker room and kept calling myself ‘Swaggy,’” he began.

“And I think a reporter heard it, and the next thing you know there was an article up and it was called ‘Chris Swaggy Baker.’

Ever since then it’s pretty much stuck with me.”

That swag, of course, has translated to the field as well.

One of the things new strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark wants to continue doing with players is fueling their competitive drive.

In his newly arranged weight room, Clark’s aware that while lifting dumbbells and bench pressing can be a very individual battle, players only get better when their lifting routines come with extra incentives and group challenges.

“These guys are so competitive that they will compete in anything,” Clark said on “Redskins Nation.” “They’ll take a bet of which bird will fly off that wire first and when they lose they’ll get upset about it. So they will compete in everything. So we’ll measure not just weight on the bar, but we’ll also measure bar speed. They really get into that. How far you throw a med-ball, how high you jump. All these types of measures we’ll do, it will help them to train more intently because they are competing, which is really their sweet spot.”

Clark, who was inducted into the USA Strength and Conditioning Coaches Hall of Fame in 2003,  won’t be able to meet all of his players until April 20th. But, as he continues to study the roster, he’s already thinking about the message he wants to deliver upon the players’ arrivals.

“One of the main things I’ll tell them is if you are in this room, you’re a world-class athlete, and you need to train like one,” Clark said. “You need to train like one here, you need to eat like one, you need to sleep like one, you need to do everything in your life like you’re a world-class athlete. Their time playing in this game is very short. Make the most of it. Don’t leave anything to chance.”

Flashback Friday: Mark Moseley At Northern Virginia Senior Olympics

There’s no date on this photo but you can tell this shot was taken some time ago.

Just look at legendary Redskins kicker Mark Moseley’s jeans.

This must have been a special moment for “Grandma,” however, and it appears she didn’t pull a “Lucy” on one of the last straight-on style kickers.

Moseley played over 12 years with the Redskins, and was part of the Super Bowl XVII victory against the Dolphins during the 1982-83 season in which he won the MVP Award. To this day he is the only kicker to take home such honors.

That year, a strike-shortened nine-game season, Moseley hit 20 of 21 field goal attempts, leading the league with a 95.2 field goal percentage. The next year he also led the league in total points, tallying 161 with 33 field goals made.

“I realize now how fortunate I was,” Moseley told ESPN last year. “People keep asking to see the trophy but I don’t have anything. They gave you nothing back then. All I got was the front page of the Washington Post — I have it on a wall and I framed it. That’s all I have.”

Moseley is now a director of franchise development with the Five Guys burgers chain and has made the transition from football into business seamlessly.

And, if you were wondering, the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics is still a thing. It takes place every September and, like this photo suggests, you never who might show up.

Akeem Davis Enjoying Watching His Daughter Grow

When Akeem Davis’ daughter, Carsyn, was born last August, he couldn’t muster any words to explain the moment.

Now, six months and a whole lot of growing later, the Memphis product is not only able to speak at length about his daughter, but said she’s “as tough as a two-dollar steak.”

“She’s growing like weeds,” he told’s Andrew Walker recently. “I walk in the house and she’s in her bouncer smiling, brightening up my day. She’s at the age now where she’s getting personality; she knows what she wants when she wants it. And when she wants it, she’s going to get it.”

While Davis may be part of the exclusive fraternity of NFL players, he’s like any other parent of a young child. Sleep is very hard to come by.

“Not getting as much as I like, but I’ll sacrifice at the end of the day,” he said.

Rich Williams, Kansas Guitarist, Wife Debbie, Talk Redskins And Football

Rich Williams, the original guitarist from the classic rock band Kansas, has done many interviews over his lifetime. But he and his wife, Debbie Williams, were intrigued when The Redskins Blog reached out to ask them not about music, but about football.

“It’s funny with all of the hype and anticipation of the Kansas documentary release this month, a request for my Redskins story is a surprise,” Debbie wrote before she and Williams spoke to us over the phone.

The couple lives in Atlanta, Ga., where the band has relocated over the years, but Debbie, a native of Cheverly, Md., unquestionably, has remained devoted to rooting for the Redskins.

“My father was an extreme Redskins fan, and not like the kind that went to games, he was poor, but [his] family was Redskins’ lovers and it just trickled down to the rest of us,” Debbie said.

“One of the earliest memories he has was listening to the Redskins on the radio,” she said. “[The team] was kind of something that he and I had, we bonded over that, and that’s why it means so much to me.”

Williams never had the same kind of football devotion, growing up in Topeka, Kan., but supports the Chiefs and has adopted the Falcons in his new city. However, living with his wife has made him root for the Redskins on game days.

“He does love the Redskins,” Debbie said of Williams. “He doesn’t have a choice because he knows if they lose I’m going to be in a bad mood.”

“I was in Dallas at the airport,” Williams said, “and I went into this Cowboys store and I took a couple of pictures with this Cowboys hat on. We had a serious talk about that.”

According to Debbie, football season is the best time to be around the band. Everyone has their own team they root for and it’s always a topic of discussion, especially when they’re on tour.

“We see the affection people have — there’s a need to have loyalty to your team or your group,” said Debbie, who has “Hail to the Redskins” on her iPod. “I see the same intensity to your home team as you [give] to the band and the music that you hold.”

Williams said he’s mesmerized by how his wife picks out fans while the band tours. Driving in their car, which boasts a few Redskins magnets, Debbie will wave to others with jerseys on and always finds new people to interact with over the country.

“If you’re not born into it, you don’t really understand it,” Williams said.

He, along with the original band members, are preparing for the release of their new documentary called “Miracles Out Of Nowhere.”

“It’s about the original band, telling our story coming out of Topeka, Kansas,” he said. “It talks about the first five albums, coming from obscurity and the unlikely miracle of us succeeding, climbing up the mountain.”

So, you can expect to hear “Carry On My Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind” among their other classics in the film. It just might take some nudging from Debbie for Kansas to try out a version of “Hail to the Redskins.”